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Apple iPhone Review

June 29, 2007

I’m going a little bit different today since it’s kind of a special day. Here is my un-biased review of the Apple iPhone. First, i didn’t get one for free (a la Pogue and Mossberg) but i played with one at my friend’s AT&T store yesterday for an hour or two and that should give plenty of time to form an opinion of the device. Also, i’m not necessarily an Apple fanboy, but i’m far from an Apple hater (i can’t live without my iPod for example). Honestly, i have to say that it sucks, i say that if you’re thinking of getting an iPhone, go with a T-Mobile MDA or a Cingular/AT&T 8525 and a 4GB SD card and you’ll be happier and you’ll spend a lot less money. OK, this is not a completely bashing review, it did have some nice features. The Youtube app was quite cool and the iPod functions were awesome. Onto the bad. The virtual keyboard and multi-touch interface are horrible. Multi-touch barely worked and i had to tap on something 3 times to get it to register, the keyboard is incredibly hard to use compared to my Treo 700, my Treo 650 and my MDA and the spell checking function is ok, but it’s not great. As Pogue and Mossberg said, web browsing on wifi is pretty decent, but it’s incredibly slow on AT&T’s EDGE network. Google Maps is a pretty cool app on the phone, but when you’re driving, without GPS, it really does no good. As for the basic cell phone-type stuff, it was OK, but the call quality really wasn’t that great and i personally think Visual Voicemail is stupid, photos from the onboard camera also look pretty grainy and washed out. One thing i REALLY hate is that there are no true 3rd party apps for the iPhone like there are for PalmOS and Windows Mobile, everything’s on the web and for some stuff like twitter apps, gas price apps, digg apps, that’s OK, but for apps that interact with your phone features or apps that you might use while without access to a data network (such as games) it’s stupid and apps like that should be able to be loaded into the phone. As for the phone being locked down, yes, it is incredibly locked down and they also completely forgot important features, here are a few examples: no expandable memory, no apps that natively run off the device, no SIM card slot, no removable battery, no A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth), it’s got a weird recessed headphone jack so most normal headphones won’t work, no way to copy, cut or paste text and the camera can’t record video. I think this device is NOT worth $500 and being locked into a contract for the next 2 years. You’re better off going with a real smartphone.  I don’t do “scores” but i’ll do one for this review:

Apple iPhone: 5/10